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15.6" UHD LCD Screen Touch Display LED IPS Panel Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5


15.6" UHD LCD Screen Touch Display LED IPS Panel Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5

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Product Description

.15.6" UHD LCD Screen Touch Display LED IPS Panel Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5

You must verify following information in checkout note to enable order processing.

    1. We need your laptop model and serial number / service tag to match up screen technical information.

    2.Brand New Screen do come light blemishes in back metal part. which will not effect screen function.

    Ghost Touch, Running Touch, No-Touch, and Inverted Touch are not screen related issues. Kindly check your digitizer board and cable since they are the most likely cause of any touch issue; please do not open a return claiming the touch did not work. If the machine has a weakened or fragile digitizer board, the replacement unit or assembly will not have proper touch or in some cases it may not have touch at all.
The order is not processed unless requested information has been received.

  • Brand: Touch Screen Assembly
  • Size: 15.6
  • Resolution: UHD
  • Pixels: 3840 x 2160
  • Type: LED
  • Backlight Lamp: DIODE
  • Connector: STANDARD
  • Pin Connection: 40 Pins
  • Side: Bottom Right
  • Condition: NEW
  • Commodity: Touch Screen Assembly
  • Technology: IPS 4K, Touch
  • Category: Touch Screen Assembly
  • Smart Pen Compatibility: No
  • Dead Pixel Policy: In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm.
  • Source: Factory Direct
  • Packaging: Fragile Customized Package
  • Compatibility: 101% OEM Compatible
Lenovo 5D10M14135 Lenovo 5D10L13036 Lenovo 5D10M14135 Lenovo 5D10M14135 LQ156D1JX06 Lenovo 5D10M14135 LQ156D1JX06 LQ156D1JX06 Lenovo 5D10M14135 Lenovo 5D10L13036 LQ156D1JX06 Lenovo 5D10L13036
Lenovo 5D10M42876 NV156QUM-N51
5D10M14135 LQ156D1JX06-E LQ156D1JX06-E 5D10M14135
Lenovo Yoga710-15 UHD LQ156D1JX LQ156D1JX06-E PN 5D10L13036
Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5
Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB
This is high resolution UHD 4K LCD of frame type. Its connector does not match standard WXGA++ LCD. Any attempt to upgrade resolution to 4K UHD will unfortunately fail, which may result in blurry image, or image being out of scale. Other times laptop may not take any input, and LCD may remain white. You're strongly discouraged to upgrade from lower resolution LCDs. Make sure your existing resolution is 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD 4k before making the purchase. ************* Lenovo FRU 5D10M14135 Listed Assembly is used in Yoga 710-15IKB (80V5) Notebook Yoga 710-15IKB (80V50009US) Notebook Yoga 710-15IKB (80V50016US) Notebook Yoga 710-15IKB (80V50018US) Notebook ****************************

Title - LENOVO 710-15IKB, LENOVO 80V5

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