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New HP 902380-001 Panel LCD 10.1" Wxga


New HP 902380-001 Panel LCD 10.1" Wxga

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Product Description

.New HP 902380-001 Panel LCD 10.1" Wxga

You must verify following information in checkout note to enable order processing.

    1.Match UP Connections and Let us know if you need Type A or Type B.

    2.Type A comes with 30 pin connection.

    3.Type B is hard to find and its 40 pin screen.

    4.Listed Assembly does not come with bezel. This is Glass + Screen.

    Ghost Touch, Running Touch, No-Touch, and Inverted Touch are not screen related issues. Kindly check your digitizer board and cable since they are the most likely cause of any touch issue; please do not open a return claiming the touch did not work. If the machine has a weakened or fragile digitizer board, the replacement unit or assembly will not have proper touch or in some cases it may not have touch at all.
The order is not processed unless requested information has been received.

  • Brand: Touch Screen Assembly-No Bezel
  • Size: 10.1
  • Dimension: 9 x 6
  • Resolution: WXGA
  • Pixels: 1280 x 800
  • Type: LED
  • Backlight Lamp: DIODE
  • Condition: NEW
  • Commodity: Touch Screen Assembly-No Bezel
  • Technology: Touch
  • Category: Touch Screen Assembly-No Bezel
  • Smart Pen Compatibility: No
  • Dead Pixel Policy: In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm.
  • Source: Factory Direct
  • Packaging: Fragile Customized Package
  • Compatibility: 101% OEM Compatible
B101EAN01.8 HP 824609-001
TV101WXM-NP0 B101EAN01.8
Listed Assembly will work for 10-P002NA Notebook 10-P003DS Notebook 10-P005NA Notebook 10-P007TU Notebook 10-P010CA Notebook 10-P010NR Notebook 10-P010TU Notebook 10-P010WM Notebook 10-P011NR Notebook 10-P016NF Notebook 10-P017TU Notebook 10-P018NF Notebook 10-P018WM Notebook 10-P019TU Notebook 10-P020CA Notebook 10-P020NR Notebook 10-P021TU Notebook 10-P023TU Notebook 10-P024TU Notebook 10-P025TU Notebook 10-P032TU Notebook 10-P035TU Notebook 10-P036TU Notebook 10-P037TU Notebook 10-P040TU Notebook 10-P043TU Notebook 10-P044TU Notebook 10-P045TU Notebook 10-P048TU Notebook 10-P092MS Notebook 210 G2 Notebook Pavilion 10T-P000 Notebook Z8350 Notebook

Title - HP 902380-001

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