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CCFL Cable Guide

cffl1.jpg Step: 1
These are instructions for changing, extending ccfl / lamp cables. These steps will also apply to broad two pin toshiba types and well as dual ccfl lamp types, however dual ccfl lamp types will have to be done one connector at a time. Ok lets get started, tools you will need are, scissors or wire cutters and some electrical tape We will call LCD on the left screen A and the lcd on right screen B screen A will be your original lcd we will use for the process
cffl2.jpg Step: 2
We will utilize the cable from screen A to modify screen B
cffl3.jpg Step: 3
Using a pair of scissors or wire cutters cut the cable on screen A being your original lcd panel that is
cffl4.jpg Step: 4
Once cut, we will strip the cables from screen A about a quarter of an inch to expose the silver cable underneath, once cut please set the cable aside and we will now focus on lcd B which is the new panel you purchased
cffl5.jpg Step: 5
Now we will go to screen B and we will cut the white 2 pin connector only we do only need that connector removed leaving the length of the screen B cable the same
cffl6.jpg Step: 6
Once cut strip the two cables on screen B about a quarter of an inch.
cffl7.jpg Step: 7
Now we will take one cable from A and twist to one cable on screen B, twist the cables together like a twist tie, matching the cable color is not important since there is no polarity on the cables.
ccfl9.jpg Step: 8
Once twisted seal each cable with electrical tape and you're done. Problem solved :)