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DELL LCD Inverter Info


Thank you for your DELL LCD purchase. Please read the following before attempting your LCD install.

Dell LCD panels are unique and are fitted with special brackets usually located on the top and bottom of your original LCD panel.

99 % of DELL LCD products will always have a special circuit board known as an inverter located on the bottom of your original LCD panel , These circuits in most cases, will sit on a specially fitted metallic housing bracket on the bottom of the panel. These are strictly a design by DELL and serve no serious purpose, Again this is just a matter of design.

For you new LCD replacement you will notice that the bracket has not been riveted / fitted to the top or bottom of your new LCD replacement you have purchased.

When you receive your LCD replacement you must perform the following steps prior to installation. You can click here to see a pictorial guide.

From your original LCD you must remove the circuit / inverter from the metallic bracket. The circuit will be held in with a small screw and usually reinforced with a small amount of adhesive. When the screw is removed a small flat head screw driver or flat solid object must be wedged between the metal and the circuit so to release the adhesive.

Once you have performed these steps the circuit must be transferred to the new LCD panel. By doing this you must place the panel glass side down on smooth un-abrasive surface so to avoid scratching on the glass. You can use a towel or a paper towel to achieve this. Now you must start the transfer, you will do this by centering the circuit to the bottom of the LCD. Now you must use single sided tape to adhere the circuit to the bottom of the panel. Any type of tape will do , masking tape is a good type to use . One those steps have been done you can perform the installation. Please understand that once the plastic frame / bezel has been re-attached all electronic components will stay completely secure.

Thank you!!